Hi Joan,  Yes we are still here.  Gloomy weather here.  We are desiring
some sun shine...then will get bored with that as summer progresses.
Not any weather for yard work yet.  Daffidols are blooming as well as
violets poking their faces forth.  I did notice some red peony stalks in
the rubble of last years dead stalks.  Friend husband promises great
things in the garden area when he can get there.  Like raised beds for
the veggies.  My leg and back don't take the ground level stuff anymore.
13 year old granddaughter is the onion planter with her 6 year old
brother.  Onion plants arrived a month early....they live in a bucket of
potting soil on the cool back porch.  The geranium plants are growing
from seed.  Cute little critters.   Take care now.  Hope the back can be
fixed and you will be relieved of pain.  Prayers--------Diane in Oregon

Joan Steele wrote:
> Is there anybody out there?
>  Haven't had any IGS mail for days.
>    Joan  Steele   Western Australia

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