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At 07:59 PM 4/17/98 -0700, you wrote:
>lisa pola wrote:

Dear Jean,

Many thanks for your prompt reply regarding Marjorie Edwards.  Wonderful!!
I shall give her a call soon.

I actually came across Mrs Edwards' name in your article on Pelargoniums
Down Under.  I was hoping that you had subscribed to the mailing list and
would see my request.  Thank you.

I have only just started to become interested in pelargoniums.  It's quite
a step for me to become interested in plants and gardening...I've always
been preoccupied elsewhere and have been too busy to stop and smell the
roses so to speak. next door neighbour has a bed full of red
geraniums (ivy??) they climb up her fence and spill down over our side.   I
have always thought they looked good and about a year ago snapped off a
cutting...poked it into an old barrell that had sat on our verandah, empty
for years and lo and behold we have this gorgeous mass of greenry and

As well...I spent alot of time overseas in Italy and holidayed on the Greek
Island and Spain.   I have never lost the memory of white washed walls,
steps and houses adored with terracotta pots full of (mainly) red
geraniums.   Often whole walls were covered in pots that were sitting in
wrought iron metal hoops.  Wonderful..

Anyway....I shall persevere with my new found interest.  If you could
recommend any Australian texts  I would be most grateful.

Thanks again


Lisa Pola
Bendigo, Victoria

>> I have just recently become interested in geraniums (pelargoniums) and note
>> on the internet that one Marjorie Edwards of Golden Square, Victoria,
>> Australia is recommended as a authorised supplier of imported
>> cultivars.
>> I fact live in the next suburb on from Golden Square (Bendigo North).
>> M. Edwards does not appear to be listed in the phonebook and as the
>> internet reference did not provide any further information I am hoping that
>> somebody on this list may be able to assist re contacting  Mrs Edwards.
>> Lisa,
>The address for Marjorie Edwards is:-   Pelargonium Place,  40 Mistletoe St,
>Golden Square,Victoria.  Her Phone No is   (03) 5447 8769.
>Maybe we will see you at the  next International Conference in Canberra next
>Keep in touch ,   I'd like to hear how you're getting on with your plants.
> best wishes from
>   Joan Steele  W.A.

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