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From: Diane Soares <dianes@GTE.NET>

>Hi, all!  Bought an Erodium pelargoniflorum at the Master Gardeners sale
>today.  Information indicated it was hardy perennial.  Reading in Hortus
>indicated it's perennial from Asia minor but cultural info and no zone
>given (I'm in 7/8 usda Western WA).  Can anyone share growing tips or
>any other information with me?  Any help would be most appreciated.

Hi Diane and all,

Was at the Master gardeners sale today myself and saw the E. pelargoniflorum.
You can find a bit of info on Albys site  I've been growing this one
outdoors in Seattle with no problem except that it seeds itself so freely that
I'm now cutting off the flowers before the seeds get a chance to form.  It's
been in bloom since late Feb and forms large mounds of leaves and very nice
white flowers.  It has a large succulent tunip shaped root.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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