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>> Was at the Master gardeners sale today myself and saw the E. pelargoniflorum.
>> You can find a bit of info on Albys site
>>  I've been growing this
>> outdoors in Seattle with no problem except that it seeds itself so freely
>> I'm now cutting off the flowers before the seeds get a chance to form.  It's
>> been in bloom since late Feb and forms large mounds of leaves and very nice
>> white flowers.  It has a large succulent tunip shaped root.

>Hi, Pete.  Thank you for the information.  Since erodiums are "iffy" in
>my garden (soil is a little too wet, I think) I'll let this one seed
>around a little and save some seed, too.  Would it do well in a container
>such as a half-barrel?


I tried a couple mature plants last year in 6" pots with the roots raised.  The
leaves grew much smaller and the root remained visible .  It was quite
attractive as a bonsai.  I sold both but at last report they are still

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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