Re: [IGS] Erodium trifolium

> From: rhoades, collin <spiderjerusalem@DOOR.NET>
> Subject: Erodium trifolium
> Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 4:52 AM
> Does anyone know what the growing season for these would be and how to
> the best results. I tried about seven seeds on wet blotting paper about a
> month ago and got no results. Am I not waiting long enough or is it the
> wrong time to be growing these plants.

Gday Colin,

I usually sow my seed in autumn and E. trifolium are normally very obliging
with high germination results however I would have expected equally good
results in spring. I use a method similar to the wet blotting paper after a
presoak in hot water and obtain germinations after only a very few days
which is common for most Erodiuns. Most Erodiums are very obliging often
germinating in the pre-soak after only a couple of days.

re E.pelargoniflorum.   This plant is one of the larger growing Erodiums
and I have found that they will achieve their potential in an 8" pot
building up via a 4" then a 6".  Wet roots would certainly be a worry.
Many of the plants sold as pelargoniflorum are in fact E.trifolium in
Australia and I suspect that is the case elsewhere.  If your plant is
'Hairy' then it will certainly be E.trifolium
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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