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lisa pola wrote:

> At 07:59 PM 4/17/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >lisa pola wrote:
> Dear Jean,
> Many thanks for your prompt reply regarding Marjorie Edwards.  Wonderful!!
> I shall give her a call soon.
> I actually came across Mrs Edwards' name in your article on Pelargoniums
> Down Under.  I was hoping that you had subscribed to the mailing list and
> would see my request.  Thank you.
> Anyway....I shall persevere with my new found interest.  If you could
> recommend any Australian texts  I would be most grateful.
> Thanks again
> Regards
> Lisa Pola
> Bendigo, Victoria
> Hi Lisa,

See I'm becoming Americanised with the 'Hi',  instead of 'Dear'.  Perhaps us
Aussie should  be more normal and start with  "G'day"  as Alby does.   :-)Hope you
can contact Marj  ... say hello for me.
The only  Australian book I can think of that wouldn't be out of print would be
the one released at the 1996 Conference.  It is called 'Growing Pelargoniums &
Geraniums by Beryl & Geoff Stockton and John Mason  It is published by Hyland
House Publishing South Melbourne.   If you can't locate a copy, try contacting
Georyl Pelargonium Nursery, 63 graydens Rd Tyabb Vic.   Ph (056) 284202  Beryl and
Geoff no longer run the nursery as their son Darryl has taken over.  the book
would be around $20 and is quite good for beginners.
It's really best if you can join a Society where you would have access to their
library.  There are 3  in Victoria that I know of, 2 in Melbourne and one in
Geelong.  Ask Marj about them anyway.  Maybe the Bendigo library might have some,
specially with Marj living in the area.
'Geranium' books are hard to find, but it pays to always on the lookout, sometimes
they come back into print. Check out 2nd hand bookstores as well.
Christine Toyer of Buds and Blooms  in N.S.W.has quite an extensive catalogue;-
Buds & Blooms Nursery,  Bruce cres,  Warnervale N.S.W.2259  Ph (043)721345.
Your main problem would be trying to choose from the catalogue.  Over here we get
most of our plants from Marj or Christine.  Marj sends mainly cuttings or newly
rooted cuttings through the post, but will sell plants locally I think.  Christine
sends potted plants and she is accredited to send interstate.
My friend Jill Finn, in Wombat N.S.W. also sells from her 'Old Convent Nursery".
She has stacks of plants, if you're ever up that way.
If it would be of any help I could send you my list of plants (300 odd culitivars)
as an attachment.
Hope some of this might help you.
Happy Geraniuming

Joan Steele

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