[IGS] GATW correction :-)

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi All,

My congratulations for another dynamite issue of GATW. Cy has a nice
article about the IGS Robin in there but there is one correction that I
would like to point out.

The lines that read :"Dale Neil in Rock Island, Illinois, has been
'greeter' for the IGS Robin, and she has been doing a great job. "
Should read:  Dale Neil in Rock Island, Illinois, has been 'greeter' for
the IGS Robin , and *HE* has been doing a great job ." :-)

Thanks you for the compliment Cy, I just thought I would clarify that
little point in case there are other "confused" people out there. It
isn't the first time that I have been thought to have changed genders
<G>. It is one of the pitfalls of having a name that can be used for

Hope all are doing well out there. I know it has been cooler and and
hotter (both) and wetter  around here this spring than I would like but
maybe that will mean a good growing season ahead. I gotta look at this
positively or I'll get depressed :-) .

Most of my hardy Geraniums are up and growing now along with their
companion plants , the hostas (Hi Clyde ...if your still around... maybe
you have noticed that we at the geranium newslist look at other plants
as being companions <grin>) . I thought I might have lost my 'Wargrave
Pink' last fall but a little piece of it is sending up leaves now. I
guess it made it after all.

My two types of Erodiums did make it through their first winter here on
the banks of the Mississippi but I don't know if that is an anomoly or
if I can expect it each winter. Even though it has been mild, we have
had much more rain than usual and I was expecting that to do the
erodiums in but so far so good.

Robin Parer, are you out there?  Remember that there were some of us
wanting an outline or transcript of the talk you've been giving to our
California brothers and sisters when you get a chance :-) It's possible
that Cindi has sent me a video of it but i haven't been able to view it
yet . Just got it today. Are you keeping dry out there?

Well I better hang up for now so I can get some rest. My 17 year old
daughter is living with me now so I have had a little change in my
routine . Hopefully , It will settle into a recognizable pattern here

Take care everbody. Hope your gardens are growing well.

Sincerely ,

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