Re: [IGS] Midwest US Pelargoniums

Hello, Dale!
I stopped at Shady Hill last Sunday. The facility east of Elburn IL is on
the south side of IL St Rte 38 about two - three miles east of the Il38 and
IL 47 intersection north of Elburn, which is about l0 to l5 miles west of
Batavia. The Elburn facility is easier to reach. Either go east from Dekalb
on IL Rte 38, or get off Tollway e/w 88 at Il St Rte 47 and go north, then
east on IL 38.

The large facility is a new version of the older style glass houses, with
high 15 to 20-foot ceilings, cupolas, and lots of air circulation, ebb and
flow benching, 100% poured concrete floors with many hanging baskets, and
total shade cloth inside. The shade cloth may be operated manually, I don"t
think that it is automatic. They have the most popular 10 to 20
fancy-leafed pelargoniums, in addition to zonals, ivies, and other annuals,
and perennials, which are out back in the open sun. Zonals are from
Ogalvee, and Goldsmith Seeds. Prices are high, but so is the quality,
three-inch scented pot is $6.00.

Another facility to visit is Planter's Palette in Winfield, owner David
Tiznik. It is also on IL St Rte 38, on the south side of IL St Rte 38
between IL St Rte 59 and Winfield Road. Very high quality, but also even
higher prices because of the tax structure of the area. I was an intern
there summer 1996. They have improved public access and display
tremendously. To my knowledge, they are just walkin retail, and local
landscape wholesale only, mail order is not offered for now. They have full
service retail, several professional landscape design personnel on staff,
and an extensive series of classes. All classes of plant materials except
cactii, and large tree-spade overstory trees.

Also just down IlRte 38 on Winfield Road is Cantigny. Historial houses,
battle field equipment from WWI, and professional golf course that host
several touraments each year, besides the acres of designed beds and

Morton Arboretum is not too far also from this facility, about 8 -10 miles
away. Planter's Palette lead designer Tony Tiznik, worked for the Morton
facility since the forties or early fifties.

Hope thats helpful. If you're headed east call, I have a membership to
Chicago Botanic Garden. If you know of tactile plants useful for visual
impaired gardening let me know. I am trying to propose a porject for Lions
International at the local level for summer visually impaired normal
functioning students.

Call Tom C 8l5-288-l300, Dixon,IL  bye for now ;0)

At 02:34 AM 4/21/98 -0500, you wrote:
>-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
>Hi Thomas,
>I missed my opportunity to welcome you to the Robin newslist. I hope you
>enjoy being a part of it as much as we do.
>Thank you too for the update on your trip to Shady Hill. There have been
>many expressing an interest in stopping by there when they are in the
>area. How far is that from the Batavia branch? Have you been to Batavia?
>I hope to stop by there sometime but I don't get to the Chicago area as
>much as I used to.
>How did you find their selection? They used to have alot of unusual
>Pelargonium varieties as well as a good selection of Scenteds. I have
>noticed a few of their plants showing up at local WalMart Stores.
>I too enjoyed Robin Parer review of the mail order geranium outlets.
>Considering that she herself is in that business, she did a very good
>job of not being biased (but we all know that she is the best <chuckle>
>Hope to hear more about your impressions of Shady Hill when you get a
>Dale Neil
>Zone 5 Rock Island , ILL

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