[IGS] News from OZ

Hi all,
Good to hear from you again Dale, I was wondering where you'd got to.
It has been pretty quiet on the IGSrobin lately .. I suppose you're all
out in your gardens, while all I have to look forward to is winter :-(
I have been in touch with a pelargonium grower from New South Wales (met
her at the last conference)  Think I've convinced her her should join
the robin.  She will be away for the next month, and says she'll join
after that.  Her name is Joane Wicht.
You may remember that I was complaining about trouble with 'ants'.  Well
I was told that's what they were by another grower, they certainly
looked like ants eggs.
Well I got fed up with re-potting, throwing out plants and spraying for
ants,so I  took a sample down to our Dept of Agriculture.  Their
Pathologost says they're NOT ants eggs and look to him like fruiting
bodies (fungus).  He will do tests which will take at least 3 weeks (and
$42).      So I'll keep you posted.
Four other growers have had trouble with the same brand of potting mix.
Needles to say we have stopped using it.  I'm treating everything with
Fongarid in the meantime and only keeping new little plants, throwing
out all the mature stuff after taking cuttings.
The main suspects are Phytophthera and Pythium I think.

Do you have the P.A.C. pelargoniums over there?  Produced by William
Elsner from Germany.  He was at the last conference and there was quite
a range of his plants on show. Some of them are very attractive,
however there are Plant Variety Rights on them, so they are more
expensive.  It's okay to swap them, but not SELL them.  he has several
outlets in Australia.  People who grow them  for him.
I have only got one of them so far ... PAC Jana.  bright/dark pink with
cerise spots on each petal .. a bit like Rio,  but more floriferous and
a better grower .. for me anyway.
You are so lucky getting GATW so early, now I'll know how long it takes
to get over here.  I often think of ordering seeds, but  am afraid they
would be low on stocks by the time I get my Mag.  As well as that a bank
cheque costs $12  on top of what you want to send .. making the seeds
quite expensive.( A similar problem with Silverhill,  they dont have
Visa - card facilities.)
BTW  where has Cindi got to?       Have you recieved the catalogues yet?

We are going away to the country tomorrow for 5 days with the Gyro.  The
weather is just right, no thermals and not too cold yet.
Looking forward to reading all the mail when I get back.
Joan Steele  Western Australia

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