Re: [IGS] succulent species

As a fellow fan of anything caudiciform. The only book I have bought so far
was Pelargoniums a gardeners guide to the species and their hybrids and
cultivars by Diane Miller ISBN 0-88192-363-X I ordered it rhough Barnes and
Nobles it cost $29.95 Peter Liekkios website recommends some other books Not only does it recommend books
but it is quite informative itself with dazzling pictures and is well put
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From: Andrew Wilson <awilson@FDA.NET>
Date: Thursday, April 23, 1998 9:45 PM
Subject: succulent species

>Dear All,
>As a recent participant in this robin I am submitting this without knowing
>if there is somebody in the group who can answer my question. The topics
>that I have seen covered so far have dealt with species that are hardy even
>in frosty climates. But, here goes!
>I am looking for a book describing the succulent, caudiciform species of
>Pelargonium and Sarcocaulon. Also, does anybody have information about
>eventual size of P. crithmifolium and P. dasyphyllum?
>San Diego, California

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