Re: [IGS] succulent species

The picture was in the before mentioned book. IMHO it is one of the most
stunning plants I have seen. But then again I like for my plants to have
that otherworldy look. Right now I have 31 caudiciform succulents along with
five different kinds of seeds I planted the other day, plus I ordered five
other plants from great petulema desert the other day. I guess their like
lays patatoe chips I just can't have one. I do not know how you feel about
experimenting but you might try potting up in 10-20 gallon containers as it
stimulates free root run and can give you extremely remarkable caudex
growth. I just recently learned this from the owner of gpdesert who has
gotten truely remakable results with this practice. Plus for people who live
in weather like I have here it is better than putting them in the ground.
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From: Andrew Wilson <awilson@FDA.NET>
Date: Saturday, April 25, 1998 12:42 AM
Subject: Re: succulent species

>Thanks for the info about references on species types. I am checking them
>out. Yes, I have P. dasyphyllum. Where did you see one? If it was in a book
>let me know.
>Many of these succulent and caudiciform types are grown by people
>interested in succulents, which is hardly surprising! However, many people
>have a hard time accepting the fact that some pelargoniums and sarcocaulons
>are true succulents.
>San Diego, California

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