Re: [IGS] The Horticultural Silly Season

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

HI Robin,

> This has been the busiest year ever for Hardy Geraniums. We are
struggling to
> fill orders, keep the nursery and the garden reasonably clean and tidy

Well that's what you get for having major magazines give you high
profile :-) . You seem to be the ambassador for the Hardy Geranium these
days (your hard work is paying off) so your new found success is well

> trying to remember to smile at our customers who we really actually
> somewhat better than our plants.

Robin struggling to keep her priorities straight :-) .

> I am afraid talk outlines will probably have to wait until sometime in
May.  I
> have not forgotten you and will try to post them when we have a little
> time.

Don't lose any sleep over the outlines. Sounds like you have enough to
keep you awake as it is. When I align my VCR playback heads , I will
beable to see a tape of the talk itself thanks to Cindi Lowrey .

Most of us out here are keeping busy dodging the rain and getting out
yards in order I think.

Thanks for message and letting us know how you are doing.


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