[IGS] parcel

I was very excited to receive the parcel that you posted last Saturday.
It arrived today (Saturday) while  I was in the middle of watering my
plants .. but everything stopped when the parcel arrived!   How kind of
you to send me all those cards .. they are beautiful,  thanks ever so
much.  We don't get many geranium cards here and I'm very grateful for
The photo's of your shows are very interesting .. good to see what other
societies do.  We don't have  displays or decorating,   just lots of
plants. It must be a lot of work setting up carousels etc. It does look
nice. We hire a huge hall and even then we need more space.  The sale
table, about 50ft long takes up a fair bit of space  (20% of sales got
to the society).  The main growers, and there are about 8 or 10 of us
who participate, have two trestle tables each for display.  There is a
huge area for the competition as well.
You could've sent me a front-on photo of Michael V. and Gary!      Their
names are familiar of course through GATW.  I recognised Faye  from  our
What about sending a photo of yourself one of these days.  I'll do the
same  .. at a distance of course!
I like the photo from the IGS  L.A. branch  with the big sign in, I
guess that is the main entry, it looks very welcoming.
I didn't see too many zonals in your pictures.. do many people grow
I will show the photo's to our society members .. they might get some
ideas.  I like the old washboard by the way. Ours on the farm had
rippled glass instead of galvanised iron .. haven't seen one for years
.. 50 or so!
I sent off some photo's to you yesterday (31st) so they should arrive by
next Friday perhaps.  Feel free to use any for publiction etc.  They are
mainly close ups of single heads.
Yes I will print out some hard copy of the sketches and get them off to
you.  I did three drawings a couple of years ago and haven't bothered
I will sort out some negs this weekend for reprints.  The man who does
my processing is a fair way away, so they wont be done until end of next
week  He seems to get the colours better than most and he likes me to
use Agfa film.
It's a cold day so Shaka is sitting on my knee while I write this ..
makes like difficult!
Don't get excited about my write-up in GATW, it's the same one thats on
the IGS web page.
Well I'd better get a move on.  THANKS again for the lovely cards,
you're very generous.
  best wishes

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