[IGS] Back from holidays

Hi all,
Just want to let you know I am back from holidays to Cornwall Devon and
Wales and enjoyed to catch up on the mails from the list!
Hope to write longer later - just want to mention that I did convince my
husband to drop by two UK nurseries (FIBREX and David Wheeler's) and of
course <VBG> stretched our holiday budget a bit by purchasing some
plants... Also now have the "The Tamar" Angel - bought that close by the
"real" Tamar river in Cornwall at a local nursery there!
I even bought some mini's and a dwarf at Mr. Wheeler's Nursery - but
well, after hearing the story about them being named after two of his
lovely Boxers (who interfeared in our conversations by constantly
wanting attention!) I could not leave them there...
Will write more later after unpacking and repotting the new plants.
Mimy Sluiter
The Netherlands

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