Re: [IGS] Back from holidays

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:
> Mimy,
> Knowing that you're just back from holidays, and fresh and rested up ...
> Could you please write an article or two on how you prepare your plants for
> the fall/winter season over there?  We're putting together an article of truly
> international perspective for GATW.  We're under a terrible time crunch, and
> need the information by this Friday.  Could you please help me with this
> project?
> Thanks,
> P.S.  I have not received a check or money order for the Van der Walt book.
> Did you still want it?  If so, e-mail me back before you get one, as there
> might be a non-plant trade for part of the cost of the book, if its possible
> to work out the details.   Cindi

Yes I want the book - the 50 dollars will be with you in a forthnight by
registered airmail. Sorry for the delay - I definitely NEEDED the
holiday and was happy to leave all behind - hope you can understand! The
article is in the making too - will come your way in the next day or so!
I can include something about my visits to the nurseries in it as well
and tell something about my house and plants - you can download the pic
from my cat-homepage if you like (below on the pictures page) showing my
terrace with pelargoniums.
I had a rather stressfull time outside my hobbies (the "real world"
<BG>) - next year the elections for the stateparliaments over here are
up - I am an elected mamber for North Holland (2 1/5 million people) and
had to write my new piece for reelection, prepare presentations, have
the selection committee interview and wait for the "verdict" of them to
accompagny the postal ballot amongst the party members
(liberal-democrat, centre-left in the political spectrum here). Just
before we went off I got the result and I am VERY proud to be in the
higest category as "very recommendable" which in practice means I will
be in the top spots to be divided and most likely will be rather sure
that at next years election I will be re-elected. Hope you understand
the stress and hectic of this and my BIG relief when I could go off on
Will mail the money asap and will start writing tomorrow when having had
a good night sleep and when having repotted my new "treasures"
All the plants here did well - the P. capitatum I put in full ground is
HUGE and thinks obviously that it will be able to stay there all time
(have still to tell it that the winters here are freezy unlike South
Africa) so perhaps I can try to get it in on size and let it overwinter
in the living room (know capitatum do rather OK), or can cut it into
pieces and root the cuttings and keep the mother plant to restart in
fall so it will fit in the nursery.... (won't tell the plant the last
possibility - perhaps that will frighten it too much <VBG>)
Talk to you soon!
Mimy Sluiter
phone/fax: +31-(035)-6920501
*** Moirawin Manx are Magic ***

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