Re: [IGS] photo for GATW publication


I'm not sure if I responded to your 7/29 e-mail or not, so I'm responding now.
I was away both days this weekend for birthday celebrating on Saturday and
working on the GATW publication stuff on Sunday.  Friday night I went to see
the best movie I've seen in ages, "Ever After".  If you get a chance, go see
it.  It's one of those romances that makes you sniffle, so take lots of

I've received your copies of the UK catalogs, and reviewed them in the car on
the way to somewhere.  I distinctly remember reading them by the light of that
little bitty light attached to the rearview mirror while my husband was
driving!  Thanks again for sending them to me.  I'm still waiting for some
kind of response to my application for an import license, but as soon as I get
one, I'll be ordering from both Australia and England.  Will keep you posted.

Am looking forward to receiving the photos.  From speaking with the former
members of the GATW publication committee,  a summary of photo requirements

1.  They prefer color slides, but might be able to use some color photos now
because of a new printing process.

2.  If photos are vertical, they are particularly good for  the cover, and if
horizontal, they fit better on the inner pages.

3.  Photos must be completely in focus.  If the subject is slightly out of
focus in the slide, it only gets worse when printed and enlarged to
publication size.

4.  No preference as to a single bloom, a cluster, entire plant, or
"landscape" as long as it is in focus.

5.  Background to be neutral for best results.

6.  Put the slide(s) immediately into archive quality sleeves to prevent
scratches, moisture damage, etc.  Label the slight directly with an arrow
pointing to the "up" direction and with the name of the plant and when and
where the photo was taken, if possible.

You're the third person I know now who is very into geneology.  I keep meaning
to work on tracing my own family, but haven't quite got around to it yet.

I'm going to try to catch up on all my e-mails tonight, so I'm going to close
this now.  Hope you're still on the mend, and that your weather is much better
than the 90s-100s that San Diego is suffering through right now.  It's even
too hot to water!


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