Re: [IGS] Drip Systems


It would be much too easy to simply  go out and buy little $1 boxes to hold my
back issues of the GATW.  Don't you realize that I have to sort them into
stacks for the cats to topple at least two or three times?  Then I have to
start at least two separate projects that are intended to hold them, which I
will not complete.  Then I have to go shopping for a special bookcase just to
hold them and my geranium books, which I will not find.  Then, and only then,
can I go to Staples (office supply warehouse) and buy some little boxes to
hold the back issues.

Tell me more about your dripper system!  I was thinking about putting lengths
of chain on the hooks and hanging my hanging baskets from them so I could
water them more easily, but this drip thing might be the way to go.  Did you
set up the system yourself?  Is it expensive to do?  Is it dog-proof?

How would you feel about doing a one page article for publication in the
upcoming journal on a topic of your choice?  It could be as little as a
quarter-page, if you prefer to write something shorter.  Please??  (Did I
mention that I'm bringing a really wonderful cake to the next meeting as
refreshments, and I could bribe you with the very first slice cut from the
cake?  The one with the most cherries on top?)

This heat is absolutely horrid.  How are you and your plants holding up?

Talk to you soon,


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