Re: [IGS] parcel & article re shows & sales


I'm glad the parcel arrived safely - I told you to be prepared for one plump
little envelope!   You had mentioned previously that you collect geranium
cards, and since I had recently stumbled on a shop that had quite a few at
very reasonable prices, it seemed only right to share the bounty with you.

I thinks shows and sales are hard work in general, but it does take a lot of
time to put on the displays and decorating in addition to displaying the
plants.  I think it's about half and half with the societies in CA, as to
whether they do a show and sale or just a sale.   I try to get to as many as I
can in the spring to see what everybody is up to and catch up on the geranium

I'll try for a "front on" photo of Michael and Gary.  Maybe at the next board
meeting I can smuggle in a camera and get the entire board captured on film.
Everyone, that is, but me!  I tend to avoid cameras as a matter of habit.  I
always turn out looking different in the photo than I think I do in person.
Sort of like hearing a tape recording of your own voice.  If I can get a photo
in which I don't look like a budworm with glasses, I'll send you a copy.

We do have quite a lot of zonals to choose from, I guess for whatever reason
they just didn't get in the photos this time.  If I had to guess, I would say
that the SDGS members grow the most regals, then zonals & fancy leaf, then
scenteds, and then a free for all between species, true geraniums, stellars,
angels & the rest.

Am looking forward to receiving photos and drawings.  (I just love getting

In the upcoming fall issue, we are going to run a main article on the shows
and sales.  Could you possibly expand a bit on what you told me about your
show and sale?  Maybe put in some information about where it was held and
when, by whom, how many people attended, how many exhibited, who were the
judges, and what won top honors, that sort of thing?  We're working with a
really tight deadline as we have to turn the issue over to the printing
company the first week in September, and would really love to include your
input.  We're trying to make it truly international coverage. And we've got at
least five proofreaders sitting around just waiting for something to do, so
don't worry overmuch about having to "polish" it.  I know that I find it
fascinating how different your shows are from the ones I have seen, and I
think the other readers would to.

And while I'm asking, maybe a paragraph or two on what sort of weather  you
are expecting for fall/winter and how you prepare your plants to get through
it?  Please?

I still haven't received my GATW, and I've managed to avoid the temptation to
zip over to the website and preview your article, so I'm still really looking
forward to reading it.  Did Shaka "help" you write that one too?  I have one
cat that keeps trying to jump on my keyboard and pull the mouse off the pad,
so I do know what you're talking about.

If you could let me know if you could possibly write the paragraphs on
fall/winter prep and about your show/sale for inclusion in the next GATW, I'd
appreciate it.

Talk to you soon,


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