Dear Cindi,

I have been accused of many things but bribery has so far not been counted
among them. Your suggestion might change that image:

>Did I mention that I'm bringing a really wonderful cake to the next meeting as
>refreshments, and I could bribe you with the very first slice cut from the
>cake?  The one with the most cherries on top?

Yes, indeed. At the next meeting I will give you my considered opinion as
to whether I might be able to put an article together. That should give me
time to consult my attorney. Conscience is a burden. Shedding it may be
more difficult than doing the writing.

On the other matter I think the drip system is easy enough. I put mine
together in about an hour, but I did have all the parts together and that
is the hardest part if you've not done it before. It is not difficult at
all. It will work fine in California and even in frosty climates, it could
work if you drain the water out at the end of the growing season, by just
opening the end of the line and making sure in planning that the end is the
lowest point. As regards the hanging baskets suspended by chains - that is
just what I do and the feeder tube which is a quarter inch (6 mm) coils
through the chain so you're not aware of it. If you want to get elaborate,
which I did not, you could put a fertilizer dispenser in the line or even
one with systemic insecticide to handle those blasted budworms.

I have visions of your cats shredding and knocking over old stacks of GATW

>Don't you realize that I have to sort them into
>stacks for the cats to topple at least two or three times?

but now you ask whether the drip system is dog-proof! And since your
Internet name is Hedgehug  I can only imagine the menagerie that is
competing with the pelargoniums for your attention. What's going on down
there? Perhaps I should not ask.

San Diego, California

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