[IGS] Upcoming GATW articles


Congratulations on being recognized as a "very recommendable" "pellie-tician".
Of course, those of us on the Robin are aware of this, but it's nice to know
that North Holland also recognizes the fact.

In reviewing my e-mail to you, I see that I made a typo.  What I meant to ask
you for was some paragraphs on the fall/winter season in Holland and how you
prepare your plants for it, not multiple articles.   Although, multiple
articles would not be sneezed at, mind you.  I loved your description of the
P. capitatum's unknowing fate.   I got a very vivid mental image of a very
large, rather brash capitatum frantically evading a clippers, and fainting
dead away at the sight of a hedgeclipper.   You have such a way with words
that any topic you choose to write on is great.

Something we were talking about doing is presenting a broader perspective to
pellies.  And since I'm always on the Robin, guess who got volunteered to
round up a few intrepid pellie-people from diverse locations to contribute
information based on their location or where they went on vacation.  I guess
it's the old adage about the grass being greener, because I'm always
fascinated to hear about what people in other areas are doing, what plants are
popular there, what their shows/sales are like, etc.  The two articles we are
pulling together for the upcoming issue are on the shows/sales from all over,
and fall/winter preparation.  We have to turn the issue over to the printer by
the first week in September, so we're in a bit of a time crunch this time.
We're also hoping to build up a bit of a reserve of completed articles to draw
upon for future issues.   Are there any topics, whether in general or on a
specific plant or process, that you would like to see articles on?  That
question applies to everyone on the Robin, by the way.  What do you think
would be good additions to our GATW?

I have a very large container full of cuttings to stick tonight before I get
to go to bed, so I'm going to be going off for the night.  Looking forward to
talking with you later.

Cindi Lohry
San Diego, CA

P.S.  Patches is doing very well.  No more problems, and his fur is growing

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