Re: [IGS] Incentive ... Cindi style


Did I mention that if you actually bring the article with you to the meeting,
a second piece of bribery, I mean cake, with almost as many cherries on top
could be placed on a highly coveted Star Trek paperplate, gently encased in
protective lavender clingwrap and transported back home with you for future
consumption?  Hmmm?  And if that pesky conscience of yours is giving you
trouble, please consider that after the cake is consumed, there is no
evidence.  No evidence, no crime.  I work for a lawyer, and know about things
like that.  My boss explained it to me:  You eat the Hershey kisses at work
and make sure there are no tell tale little foil wrappers and labels in your
pockets or briefcase, and your wife doesn't know that she should yell at you
for breaking the diet that you promised to go on with her.  No evidence, no
crime.  See?

I really like the idea of a drip system in the hanging baskets.  I think I'll
get the chain cut into the appropriate size lengths and get the baskets all
hung where I want them, and then I'll be ready to get the supplies to put in a
drip system for them.  Do you think I could stick one in my staghorn fern too?
How about the Spanish moss?  Fuschias?  Is it controlled by the main on/off
faucet handle?

And I'll have you know that my cats have never shredded a GATW.  Left a
memorial hairball on the cover of one, which I promptly removed, but never
shredded.  The old set of Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening is another
story.  I'm afraid to move them for fear they will select a new target.

I just got an entire flat of species and hybrids this past weekend, none of
which I can pronounce or know much about at this time.  I'll copy down the
names and send them on to you to see what you think.  At the moment, I have
them resting in a semi-shady spot.



P.S.  I'll have you know that my cats are affectionately known as "the
Thundering Herd" ... all 13 of them.  And get this, I'm allergic to cats!

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