Re: [IGS] Incentive ... Cindi style

Your delicious offer:

>Did I mention that if you actually bring the article with you to the meeting,
>a second piece of bribery, I mean cake, with almost as many cherries on top
>could be placed on a highly coveted Star Trek paperplate, gently encased in
>protective lavender clingwrap and transported back home with you for future

was too tempting. I'll prepare for the occasion by going on diet ahead of time.

On the other matter, water dripper irrigation,for  your questions:

>Do you think I could stick one in my staghorn fern too?
>How about the Spanish moss?  Fuschias?  Is it controlled by the main on/off
>faucet handle?

the answer to the first two is simple - yes. For Spanish moss you replace
the dripper by a mini-spay head. It works great. I have tried fuchsias
(note spelling!) and had no difficulty. They are mostly in shade and so
seem happy with the same water schedule as the pelargoniums. The sysyem is
a low pressure one. It is turned on and off by a regular faucet. An in-line
diaphragm reduces the flow to a level where the heads are just dripping. A
hose adapter connects the line to the faucet. It could not be much easier.

San Diego, California

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