Re: [IGS] Photos Arrived

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:

> Joan,
> Photos arrived yesterday, and I delivered them today.  Everyone loved them!
> If I feed you well and take you to all the pellie nurseries in driving
> distance, will you come a photograph my angels for me?   Please??  I'll throw
> in a trip to Disney too!        Cindi

> Would love to come and photograph everything you've got over there .. forget
> Disney though!  in fact forget the whole thing .. I've just remembered my bank
> loan for the op!

Sending a few more photos tomorrow, mostly taken in Melbourne.By now you should
have received my sketches etc .. soon anyway.
Terrific weather here just now, lovely and sunny today, however more rain on the
Re photos for publishing.  I don't take slides  these days  (in the old days I
used to process my own slides).  'W.A. Gardener' and 'Australian Geranium.
Society'. manage to print  from my photos.  Just got a copy of the latter with my
'Argold' on the cover.  It's an Aussie variety, you may not have it over there.

 Now about an article ... I'm really not comfortable doing articles .. for
various reasons. one being that I am fairly new to the game, also there already
is an IGS  rep for Australia must be diplomatic      . I'll let you know
soon anyway.
I should get the rep to do an article & I could do the photo's
It's our meeting tomorrow and I've been out marking plants to take in for sale.
You have been writing some interesting letters by the way.

Yes WHERE IS DALE??? I've been missing his cheery letters.
  All for now

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