[IGS] Best Wishes and get well really soon


I'm so sorry to hear of the illness in your family, including your own stay in
the hospital.  When my dad had a heart attack at work and was in the hospital,
it was like my world was shutting down.  Until that point my dad had always
been invincible, able to fix anything with a twist-tie or a cookie.  Now, of
course, we fuss over him a lot, which he finds very useful when scamming
batches of home-made cookies and pies off my sister, who lives in the same
town.  I'd noticed you hadn't been online as regularly as before, but assumed
you were working with your plants or putting together another interesting
project of some kind.

I'm putting together an article for the upcoming GATW about geraniums &
pellies in cyberspace and will be including your website, so you might be
getting visits from new friends soon.  (Good thing you're adding that extra 5

Try to take it easy and rest up, although this probably is not in your usual
vocabulary, considering how much you get done!


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