[IGS] P. tomentosum in hanging basket

Hi all,
Lat year I got a bit fed up with my peppermint scented Pelargonium
tomentosums pushing all other plants on the stellages on the terrace
behind the back of the house away by its fast horizontal growing habits.
Our Dutch magazine editor suggested me then to plant some out in the
full ground for the summer but I chose for some nice small rock-erodiums
along the limestone path to the back part of the garden already. Since
it is how ever a very ornamental scented species with it's flannelly
hairy leaves I decided this year to do something very different with it
- I took a hanging basket (the classic English one) and filled it up
with Tomentosum cuttings. Now in august it is a very special sight and
even the small white flowers do lovely for contrast with the big soft
leaves hanging out. Hope this gives you some ideas. BTW - on top I put
P. fragrans and that one enjoys its stay as well, behaving like a
"little weed" inbetween the big tomentosum leaves. The most easy part is
that this specific hanging basket always tells me right in time when it
is the moment to water all five of them around in the garden since
tomentosum has the nice habit of folding up it's leaves to denote acute
water shortage. I often suspect it does it more dramatically than
needed, just to ensure I won't forget it is there and give it some extra
attention (yes, I admit, I talk to my plants)!
My other favourite hanging basket currently is the one I filled up with
the real P.peltatum (the species). I have the form with the clearest
markings on it (f. zonatum) and that makes very dramatic long stems
flowing downwards filled with the lovely marked flowers. I really think
the real one still surpasses many of it's cultivars! Since the weather
is really hot now and things grow like wild here, I usually break off
the too long stems and put them back in on top of the basket to root.
Mimy Sluiter (from tropical Holland these days)
e-mail: mailto:manx1@wxs.nl
homepage: <http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/9046>

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