[IGS] Welsh Geraniums

Hi all,
Here by as promised typing with black fingers (earth) the list of
Geraniums we purchased for one pound 25 pence each at a small nursery in
Wales (no not Crug Farm unfortunately - that was in the north and too
far off for our last holiday day which we planned to be "P&G shopping
day" so visit several nurseries en route back to Dover from mid Wales):
G. x oxonianum "Walter's Gift" very light rose
Geranium/Sylvaticum/Endressii 40cm
G. x oxonianum "Lace Time" very light rose, purple veins
Geranium/Sylvaticum/Endressii 45cm
G. sylvaticum "Amy Doncaster" deep blue, white eye
Geranium/Sylvaticum/Sylvaticum 45-60cm br: Amy Doncaster, USA (nice to
find a USA-selected version in Wales years later!)
G. macrorrhizum "Mount Olympus" magentapurple
Robertianum/Unguiculata/Macrorrhizum 20cm collected from from Greece
recently (has a nice scented leaf BTW!)
G. psilostemon magenta, black centre and veins
Geranium/Sylvaticum/Sylvaticum 60-100cm Armenia
G. x oxonianum "Southcombe Double" deepsalmonpink
Geranium/Sylvaticum/Endressii 40cm
G. sessiliflorum ssp. novae-zelandiae "Porter's Pass" pinkishwhite
Geranium/Sylvaticum/Sessiliflorum 10cm (the one with the lovely reddish
G. pratense "Plenum Violaceum" deepviolet Geranium/Sylvaticum/Pratense
60cm UK selection
Any info on the best possible care is very welcome (especially re.
winterhardyness here in our moderate sea-climate)!
Mimy Sluiter
e-mail: mailto:manx1@wxs.nl
homepage: <http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/9046>
phone & fax: +31-(0)35-6920501

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