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Hi all,

So there we were at Mr. Wheeler's Milbern nurseries and me babbling away
with the kind owner while my husband knowing me wisely had already had
mingled with the spectators of the cricket match going on at the out
door field next door. I of course could not leave without two dwarf
Pellies bred by Mr. Wheeler (named after his Boxer dogs) and then I saw
this really micro mini with lovely tricolored leaf but SOOOO tiny. I
fell in love with it, forgot my good intentions not to dare try those
mini mini ones and HAD to have it. This I should have known existed when
still a poor student living in a tiny tiny two room appartment just
under the roof... I would for sure have made a great mini-grower instead
of silly me keeping those awfully difficult species alive and trying to
germinate seeds I got from the Hortus of my university.
Then I saw the name and at that moment knew I HAD to take it home and
NEVER let it die. It is called Gwen and so it came to Holland with us
and is growing currently in the full ground covering the spot in our
garden where the other Gwen is buried. Those of you who want to know
what I am talking about should visit my homepage below. Gwennie was my
soul cat made of only intense sweetness and love and mother to all other
Manx cats around here as well as ancestor to a lot of wonderful Manx
cats living from Europe to America. She also was the most famous Manx at
the show benches in Europe winning all a cat can win from European
Champion to World Champion but that was not at all the most important to
me. That was the fact that she was mine and I miss her so very much.
Mimy Sluiter
e-mail: mailto:manx1@wxs.nl
homepage: <http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/9046>
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