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Primeri evaluated

This spring I got the newly introduced "spot flowered" Zonal named
[Merite] Primeri, bred by Aad Enthoven of the commercial Pelargonium
raising firm Merite Breeding in Wageningen (the Dutch equivalent of Mr.
Elsner of the PAC nurseries). Primeri is, like many of the PAC and PELFI
cultivars too, a typical "product for a large market". It flowers richly
with filled trusses with single flowers which are pinkish white with a
clear large round shocking pink spot on each leaf (far away from the
original "marks" meant to lure insects to visit the flower). It is a
very attractive sight so I am sure that it will do well on the market.
It is impossible for me to see how the plant grows as of course it has
been treated with chemicals to keep the stems and internodes artifically
short so I hope to be able to make at least one cutting and get the
mother plant through winter as well so I will be able to see how it
behaves a second year when it will grow normally. The flowers hold
reasonably well in rain, though of course finally whither away but since
the truss is so very filled, it will last long and by picking out the
dead flowers one truss will last a long time as new buds will unfold
from below to again make it full. The leaves are floppy and a bit
crinkled and large and just plain green without any zoning. But that
perhaps would detract from the extravagantly colored flower too much.
I of course wanted to find out if it would set seed (assuming that it
would not any more, being a very "high tech" developed plant) but to my
surprise when I pollinated it with P. zonale (the original species, I
have the white flowering form) it DID set seed. You will of course
understand I will try to germinate the seeds and will keep you posted on
the results <VBG> - and of course will give Mr. Enthoven a call too
Mimy Sluiter
e-mail: mailto:manx1@wxs.nl
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