[IGS] intro Rein

Hello everybody,

Thanks Mimy for your introduction. To introduce myself to everybody who
wants to know it: I am a retired landsurveyor, spent my life surveying
all over the world, especially in the Far East and of course in our own
small but nice Holand.

Since ten years I am busy with Geraniums (the hardy) with special
attention for the small forms which like to grow in rockery conditions.
Therefore our garden is for a part a rock garden, as far as it is
possible to make a rocky garden in our flat land.
Besides that I am a collector of erodiums, which do nicely in raised
beds and troughs. They do resist cold, but do not like to stay with wet
feet (who does?). My wife is a hardy plants enthousiast, so we share
knowledge and expereince.

Note on the list of Mimy's Geraniums from the small nursery in Wales:
The Geraniums mentioned are all hardy in the cold damp climate of the
sea-bordered countries of NW Europe. Special care should be given to
G.psilostemon, who needs some protection in the first winters only (just
arrange a bit of rubbish over it). G.sessiliflorum'Porter's Pass' (very
nice red-brown leaves) sometimes does not come through winters, but some
seedlings will. Take a cutting for sure in the glasshouse.

Clyde Crockett: Sorry no new Geranium with variegated leaves besides the
existing ones as G.phaeum and macrorrhizum. An orange-flowered Geranium
should be nice, but does not exist as far as I know. (Attention for the
orange coloured leaves of G.sessiliflorum in autumn).

BTW: Can anybody help me with seeds of Geranium papuanum?

Best wishes,

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