Re: [IGS] intro Rein

Rein ten Klooster wrote:
> Note on the list of Mimy's Geraniums from the small nursery in Wales:
> The Geraniums mentioned are all hardy in the cold damp climate of the
> sea-bordered countries of NW Europe. Special care should be given to
> G.psilostemon, who needs some protection in the first winters only (just
> arrange a bit of rubbish over it). G.sessiliflorum'Porter's Pass' (very
> nice red-brown leaves) sometimes does not come through winters, but some
> seedlings will. Take a cutting for sure in the glasshouse.

Thanx for the nice tips Rein - I already have a bag of cover (turf)
lying ready behind the conservatory to be able to cover all that are a
bit fragile in our climate to guard them at the first frosted nights in
october. I am compiling a list of my hardy geraniums for the Geranium
groop and will put them on this list for you to pass on and see for all.
I am fairly new at the hardy stuff - so far all are doing great in the
garden - seems we bought a house with NICE Geranium friendly ground
around it!
Hope you can bring some of those tiny rock-erodiums with you at our
societies fall meeting Rein - want to make the lime stone path to the
back of the garden totally lined with them and so far have only been
able to do a little piece of it. They look lovely (and can stand some
accidental stepping on them). Let me know what you'd like in return!

Your message made me realise I never properly introduced myself too so
here a short intro -
I am 36, write a lot for various mags, also am an elected member of the
North Holland State Council (kind of Provincial Parliament) for D66, a
liberal-democrat party over here (centre-left), and my other hobby is
owning and breeding Manx cats from the Isle of Man. Cats and
Pelargoniums (especially the secented ones) go great together as the
cats do them no harm (they dislike the fruity scents) and they are not
poisonous to them. Also I discovered that the more lemon scented
varieties seem to deter fleas (as they do midgies and musquitoes) so
they are in their outside pen to guard fleas away! Those of you that
like to meet my cats I invite to visit my homepage below and take a
look. Bye from The Netherlands,
Mimy Sluiter
homepage: <>
phone/fax: +31-(0)35-6920501

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