Re: [IGS] IGS seeds


Everything you wanted is listed in the Summer 98 catalog.  Will take your list
with me to Carol's on Sunday and see if I can get seeds directly from her.  I
think a lot of the species seeds come from her plants.  When I was there last
week, she had an entire corner of the kitchen counter devoted to babyfood jars
filled with seeds, each with a slip of paper inside identifying where the
seeds came from.  This is her temporary storage area, and she transfers the
seeds from there into labelled envelopes.  If I can't get them directly from
her, I'll send off a note to Rusty.

Don't worry about sending money.  I'm sure I'll have you off on a "wild angel
chase" sooner or later!  VVBG.

Your sketches have indeed arrived, and they're great.  I haven't made up my
mind where to use them first ... but using them as a guide to paint a design
on the bathroom cabinet door certainly has crossed my mind.

There was also a little bag from the Perth Mint in the envelope ... is there a
geranium on there somewhere?  Did I drop something in my haste to open the
envelope?  If so, I'd better go check the kitties'  favorite hiding places.  I
have two kittens bound and determined that they will have that little bag as
their playtoy, but so far I've kept it from them.   ... I did find a kitten
precariously perched on the top edge of the rocking chair in a vain effort to
get into the china cabinet last night though.

Am taking the little boy next door to the ComicCon tomorrow, so I'd better
head off to bed so I can keep up with him.


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