Re: [IGS] P. tomentosum in hanging basket

Hey Cynthia,
Now see what you have done! You THREATHENED your poor tomentosum! How
would you expect the most sensitive of all species (only look at those
soft flannelly leaves) to recover from the utter depression you have
caused it to develop? Boy your plant must be in dire straits now...
Think it is time for some immediate action so suggest you buy prozac
tablets, grain them and dilute the powder in the water you give it.
Otherwise I think you will loose your guy! Good I sent you another much
more sturdy species by mail in seeds - if I would have known how rude
you talk to your plants in advance, I doubt I would have sent you any
seeds <VBG>
Mimy (soft hearted soul from Holland).

ps - on the more serious side: I have two kinds of tomentosums - one
that flowers and one that NEVER flowers - other than that they are
identical - any clues?

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:
> I don't know how to break it to you, but you apparently have a very well-
> mannered tomentosum in that basket. If I tried to corral my tomentosum, it
> would kick, scream and fight its way out of that basket, if it killed both of
> us. Mine doesn't fold its leaves politely and gently hint that it needs
> water, it snakes out one of those woody stems and trips me on my way out the
> door! I just transplanted one to a semi-shady place by the lath fence so
> that it could sprawl all over the edge of the garden and clamber up the fence
> to its little green heart's content, and it's just lying there in a puddle of
> sulking fuzzy plant parts. I told it this afternoon that if it didn't get
> over whatever its problem was and start to grow, I was going to pack it inside
> a very small envelope and mail it to Dale so it could learn what snow was
> about. To add insult to injury, I told it that it would be shipped third
> class, not priority mail.
> Cindi

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