[IGS] odds & ends

Hi all,

Please forget my query about the scented Pellie 'Queen of Sheba'. The
little nursery where I bought is (yes Jip, the one you visited too) had
mis labelled it. It is the old cv P.'Queen of Lemons' I was just told by
the owner!

At that same nursery I just bought some lovely glazed hard ware pots -
as they had the needed hole in the bottom. Just in time to repot my
large grown guys in so I can use their old pots to move my new Fibrex
bought species (and some new scenteds and a 1998 introduction Angel) in.

My Gwen (the plant, not the cat) is beginning to show a flower bud. Will
take a pic Cindi when it is open and then have it scanned for my
homepage - promise!

And Ingrid - will look for seeds on my tomentosum (do usually not care,
since I prefer to take cuttings from it) but if I remembered well our
Dutch P&G societies chairperson once wrote that several tomentosum
clones seem to be sterile.

Oh yes - Cindi - please remove ANY mistakes in style and typo's I made
in the Primeri piece please before you use it - English is not my first
language so I am sure to make some silly mistakes.

Hope you all did not get annoyed with the silly tomentosum conversation
going on sofar...
Mimy Sluiter
The Netherlands

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