[IGS] annual shows

A while back Cindi asked me to give more details on our Annual
show.        For those interested here they are:-
The Western Australian Geranium & Pelargonium Society holds its Annual
show,  & State championships in Wanneroo,  a northern suburb of Perth.
The show is in our Spring in mid October when Pelargoniums are at their
There are also hundreds  of plants for sale .    20% from the sales goes
to the society  and members who bring plants for sale are expected to
have at least one  8’X3’ trestle table of display plants. Most members
have   two tables
The hall which is part of the Wanneroo showgrounds complex is one of the
few places large enough to hold the show.
Down one side of the building the continuos line of sale tables is
approx  60/70 ft long.
These are crammed full of plants, most in flower.  Extra plants are kept
in  a spare room and are brought out thoughout the day to keep the sales
going.  Spare plants used to be kept under the tables, but buyers who
are so keen, soon discovered that they could lift the floor length
covers from their side and take their pick!   There is also a section
for plants donated to the society by members.

Along the opposite wall a simliar line of tables which is the
competition area. This also extends around the corner.   Then here are
purpose built  frames for the hanging basket section.

In each of the following categories there are three sections, Novice,
Intermediate and open.              ( members graduate through these
sections after joining.        8 first prizes in Novice,    8  firsts in
Intermediate and then into Open section)

1 potted Regal ,  1 potted Zonal,   1 potted  Ivy Leaf, 1 potted
coloured leaf. All must be in bloom but the Scented leaf  and pots not
exceeding (9‘ (23cm)

1 pot Dwarf plant 5”-7” above soil level
1 pot Minaiture plant less than 5” above soil.
1 pot Scented leaf
1 Hanging container maximum 14”

Cut blooms  (with one leaf from own foliage):-
1 truss regal,   1truss Zonal,  1 truss Ivy leaf.
This makes a tolal of 33 sections and members can enter as many pots or
cut blooms as they like, which boosts the display.
Prize money is;- for plants,  $10 first, $5 second, $3 third.  For
blooms, $5 first, $3 second,  $1 third.      Certificates are given with
each prize.

 Special trophies are,
 ‘Flo Mayes Memorial Trophy’ for best plant in the show
 ‘D&S Hammond Trophy’ for the best coloured leaf Zonal
 W.A. Horticultural Council Award, ribbon and certificate for:- a group
of three, 1 Zonal ,  1 Regal & 1 Ivy leaf ,  all in bloom. (regulary won
by Dot & Syd Hammond)

The show is held on a Saturday, the hall being  mostlty set up on the
Friday afternoon and evening.
The Society was formed in 1959 and meets once a month in central Perth

During the months April to October there is a ‘Showette’ at each
meeting.    The three categories are the same, (Novice, Itermediate &
Open), also the prize money.    However members can only enter one item
, ‘bloom’  and ‘plant’  in their particular section.
Members bring sale plants to the monthly meetings and agian 20% goes to
the society.

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