[IGS] Erodium and Geranium list

Rein ten Klooster wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Mimy asked me to bring some of those tiny rock-erodiums at our society
> meeting in september. Yes I will do so. Better not to step on them, or
> it might be on a E.castellanum who has sawn itself in a path.
> There are also very nice small Geraniums, like G.farreri,
> G.subcaulescens, G.orientalitibeticum and many others.
> Is anybody interested in or busy with erodiums?
> Best wishes, Rein

Thanx Rein! Look forward to it - anything you'd like in return? Find
hereby below (also for our club's hardy geranium-groop) my promised list
of plants in our garden. Just finished FINALLY cataloguing them more or
less properly (had to search for some labels - some of those Geraniums
seem to grow out of control)!

E. reichardii "Album", white, 25 cm
E. x variabile "Bishop's Form", clear rose, 15 cm
E. x variabile "Roseum", light rose, red veins 10 cm

G. clarkei "Kashmir White", white, lilarose veins, 35-50 cm, Kashmir
G. endressii, salmon rose, red veins, 25-50 cm, Pyrenees Mountains,
G. erianthum var. platyanthum, violet blue, dark veins, 50 cm, Japan to
Alaska and Canada
G. farreri, mauve rose, 10-20 cm, West China and India
G. lanuginosum, clearblue, rosewhite veins, 10-30 cm, Africa
G. macrorrhizum "Ingwersen's Variety", deeppurplishrose, 30 cm, Mnt.
Koprovnik, Montenegro
G. macrorrhizum "Mount Olympus", magentapurple 20 cm, Greece
G. x magnificum, violetblue,black marks, 50-70 cm
G. nervosum, rosered to purplishred, dark veins, 35-40 cm, Canada & East
G. nodosum, lilarose, 20-50 cm, South Europe
G. x oxonianum "Walter's Gift", very light rose, 40cm
G. x oxonianum "Lace Time", very light rose, purple veins, 45cm
G. x oxonianum "Southcombe Double", deepsalmonpink, 40cm
G. x oxonianum "Summer Surprise", blueroseviolet, 40 cm, UK selection
G. phaeum "Calligrapher", brownish purple, 75 cm
G. phaeum "Lily Lovell", deepmauvepurple, 50-70 cm br: Trevor Bath, UK
G. phaeum "Samobor", darkreddishpurple, 40 cm, Croatia, collected by
Barbara Keuning & Elizabeth Strangman
G. pratense "Plenum Violaceum", deepviolet, 60 cm, UK selection
G. psilostemon, magenta, black centre and veins, 60-100cm, Armenia
G. renardii, blue white, purple veins, 30 cm, Kaukasus
G. renardii "Tschelda", watery blue, 30 cm, Kaukasus, found form
G. x riversleaianum "Mavis Simpson", lightrose to purplishrose, 30 cm,
Kew Gardens, UK pre 1985
G. robertianum, purple, 10-40 cm, Holland, wood form (all around in the
garden - we live near woods!)
G. sanguineum (Linn. 1753), purple magenta, 25-45 cm, West Europe to
G. sessiliflorum ssp. novae-zelandiae "Porter's Pass", pinkish white,
G. sylvaticum "Amy Doncaster", deep blue, white eye, 45-60cm, br: Amy
Doncaster, USA
G. sylvaticum "Silva", deepviolet, small white eye, 45 cm, German
G. sylvaticum ssp. sylvaticum var. wanneri, bleekrose,
helderrosegeaderd, 40-60 cm
G. thunbergii, rose, 30 cm, North Chine to Japan
G. transbaicalicum, darkvioletblue, 20-45 cm, Siberia & Mongolia
G. "Brookside" diepblue, white eye, 35-50 cm, G. clarkei x G. pratense
G. "Patricia", magentarose, dark rose eye, 50-75 cm, G. endressii x G.
psilostemon, br: Alan Bremner UK
G. "Philippe Vapelle", blue, 40 cm, G. renardii x G. platypetalum
Mimy Sluiter
e-mail: mailto:manx1@wxs.nl
phone & fax: +31-(0)35-6920501

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