Re: [IGS] G.macrorrhizum "Mount Olympus"

Rein ten Klooster wrote:
> According to the Preliminary Checklist of Geranium Cultivar names, the
> name Mt.Olympus is a working name and reference is made to G.'White
> Ness'. I wonder what the correct name is.

I wonder what White Ness is - is this perhaps another spelling for
"Whiteness"? And if so - which one is correct? Thought some one told me
that Mt. Olympus was also collected by Bill Baker.
Here are the macrorrhizums in my computer:

Geranium macrorrhizum Lin. 1753 [Robertianum/Unguiculata/Macrorrhizum]
magenta  30-40 cm  South Alps to Balkan
G. macrorrhizum "Album"  white, rose glow  30-40 cm Rhodope Mountains,
Bulgaria 1946
G. macrorrhizum "Bevan's Variety"  deepred with winered  30-40 cm
Balkan, Dr.Roger Bevan 1925
G. macrorrhizum "Czakor" sparkling darkpurplered  30-40 cm
speciesvariation from Czakor
G. macrorrhizum "De Bilt"  rose  30 cm  Dutch selection
G. macrorrhizum "Ingwersen's Variety"  deepurplerose to lightrose  30
Mnt. Koprovnik, Montenegro, Walter Ingwersen 1929
G. macrorrhizum "Lohfelden"  white, roseveined  10-20 cm
G. macrorrhizum var. macrorrhizum   magenta  30-40 cm
G. macrorrhizum "Pindus"  magentapurple  20 cm  Greece, collected by
Bill Baker
G. macrorrhizum "Ridsko"  ..........  30-40 cm
G. macrorrhizum "Roseum"  = G. macrorrhizum (Lin.)
G. macrorrhizum "Spessart"  rosewhite, redveined  30-40 cm  speciesform
from Spessart, Germany
G. macrorrhizum "Variegatum"  purplelilac to lightlilac  30-40 cm
selected form from UK
G. macrorrhizum "Velebit"  deeppurplered  speciesform from Velebit
G. macrorrhizum "Whiteness"  white without any red pigment

Hope you can look and correct and add...
Mimy Sluiter
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phone & fax: +31-(0)35-6920501

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