Re: [IGS] P. crassipes

>After seven years my succulent P. crassipes I got from the Hortus
>botanicus over here in Amsterdam once decided:
>a) to grow more in one year that in the three previous ones
>b) to flower for the first time
>There is a nice bud on a stem now
>Any succulent species experts out there knowing what I can expect?
>BTW - when seeing releatives of my crassipes (other species of the same
>groop) that were obviously well over 20 years of age so had formed
>wonderful strangely formed stems of over a meter at the famous Fibrex
>nurseries (the mother plants of the National Pelargonium Collection they
>house in the UK) my husband told me: That ones I like - we should have
>those too! I then told him we had a couple of those - and that they
>would look like that when we both would have grown white hair <VBG>!
>Mimy Sluiter

Good Evening Mimi,

Apparently no one is home :-))

Quote Vanderwalt....Relatively small flowers are borne in 2-10 flowered
umbel-like inflorescences. The colour of the petals vary from pale pink to
mauve with markings of a darker tone. Seven fertile stamens are present.
The plants flower during early Spring. Unquote.

Is it perhaps Spring in South Africa? It comes from 'Succulent Karoo*. is fascinating to see large mature specimens..isn't it! This is one
of the 'carrots' ..isn't it!

Tonight I have placed an order with a Dutch bulb grower...just a little bit
regretful that no Anemone nemorosa flore pleno and Hippeastrum 'Melusine'
was to be had. Some one will be disappointed.

But.....I hope to have a blazing Spring garden!



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