Re: [IGS] P. crassipes

Ingrid wrote:
> Good evening Mimy. Apparently no one is home :-)) Quote Vanderwalt:
> << Relatively small flowers are borne in 2-10 flowered umbel-like
> inflorescences. The colour of the petals vary from pale pink to
> mauve with markings of a darker tone. 7 fertile stamens are present.
> The plants flower during early Spring. >> Is it perhaps Spring in
> South Africa? It comes from Succulent Karoo. Yes, it's fascinating
> to see large mature specimens..isn't it! This is one of the
> 'carrots' ..isn't it!

Thanx Ingrid for the update - yes it is one of the "carrots" - at least
now my husband realises now that those funny often bald carrots in our
front "serre" (antique glass gazebo in front of the house attached to
the living room so in fact a kind of second conservatory for me) once
will become something very decorative <VBG>!
Hope to be able to self-fertilise it and harvest some seeds. It is a
very slow frower and only has one stem, while the other two carrots I
have grow much faster and make more stems in time. BTW - my Sarcocaulon
vanderietiae cutting does wonderful and is developing roots I think (do
not dare to look yet, won't disturb anything) as it even made one new
little round leaf! Thanx again for all of you who gave advice.

> Tonight I have placed an order with a Dutch bulb grower...just a little bit
> regretful that no Anemone nemorosa flore pleno and Hippeastrum 'Melusine'
> was to be had. Some one will be disappointed.
> But.....I hope to have a blazing Spring garden!
Rain has arrive here too this morning - spoiling my last holiday day
when I hoped to finish off a lot of odd jobs in the garden... Can't you
keep it up north? And as you are talking non-P&G here - I like to share
also a bit of that: Fibrex nurseries also hold the National Hedera
collection (Ivies) so in the garden, nicely labelled, are now ten
wonderful cultivars with funny leaves and/or variegated leafes of Hedera
Helix so hopefully all walls will be covered in two years time with a
wonderful green "carpet" of Ivy and we have a wonderful secluded green
By from rainy Holland,
Mimy Sluiter

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