Re: [IGS] November Talk to SDGS

Dear Cindi:

I just got your letter.  Everything is fine.  I would be delighted to
give a talk on Scented Leaf Pelargoniums on Tuesday, November 10 to
SDGS.  It just wasn't in my calendar!  I don't know whether someone said
they would call me back to confirm the date, or I didn't write it down.
However, there is no harm done.  I was just in San Diego organizing a
tour for one of the horticultural societies in the Bay Area.  There are
so many wonderful gardens and nurseries in your wider neighborhood.

Thank you so much for the offer of Pelargonium 'Hanson's Tinkerbelle'.
Can I exchange it for something else?  We have been growing P.'Caravan'
this summer.  It's a fabulous plant.  Everybody who has seen it at the
nursery has wanted it.

We'll catch up with you at the Board Meeting in October.


Geraniaceae Nursery

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