[IGS] Erodium guttatum

Dear Robin,

I had a look on your website and have seen that you have a very
interesting collection of erodiums. It's a pity that you are so far

E.guttatum grows very well here but is not hardy in our climate with a
hardiness zone of 8, which is colder then your mild 9.
I keep them in pots in winter and summer. From May untill Oktober the
pots are outdoors. I use high pots (20 cm) for this plant which forms a
long root. In dry times they have to be watered sometimes twice a day
because in my experience they like a wet soil. They set seed very easy
and it is no problem to germinate it. It's a lovely plant with flowers
like G.psilostemon but smaller and lighter (bad comparison) and the
smell of the leaves is very special. I like this plant.

The other pinnate-leaved erodiums are mainly hardy, provided they stay
with dry feet in the winter. Therefore I grow them in raised beds and
put a glass over it when it is to wet.

Best wishes,

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