[IGS] P. odoratissimum question

Hi all,

Last year I collected seed from my P. odoratissimum (I thought nicely
and carefully self-pollinated - I do this per species by hand). This
year I let some germinate and got three seedlings that started to look
different but firstly I already had noticed they smelled different. They
all smell like those flashy colored red or yellow sweets you buy at the
store to suck on - so a very clear overly sweet somewhat artificial
fruity scent which is strong as well. Totally unlike the "normal"
odoratissimum scent. I also noticed that they seem to develop a zoning
on the leaves now. Today a commercial scented Pellie grower, Mr.
Bruinen, came around to take some small plants from me to try them out
and I gave him one of those three but warned him "this is something
strange so I cannot tell you both parents - I only labelled it
P.odoratissium seedling" How ever he wanted to try it so perhaps one day
there will be a zonal leafed scented Pellie on the market...
Now my question for you experts out there: does P. odoratissimum easily
cross breed and if so with what groops? I remembered last year I had the
mother plant on a branch with some zonal types (variegated leaves
mostly). Hopefully some one can shed some light on it...

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