Re: [IGS] late bloomers

Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Dear Pelophiles,
> <SNIP> But I am amazed to see P. gibbosum, with nary a leaf, still
> putting out those night-scented yellow flowers. It is surprising
> to me as I've not grown the plant until this year. I have it in
> very dry soil with a few Aloes and Cotyledons growing nearby to
> remind it of its homeland. <SNIP> but the latter appears to be
> getting along with very little. Is that wise?
> Andrew
> San Diego, California

Think you do great - my gibbosums are outside in sun (I thought) -
actually it has been one wet summer here in Holland (like in Sweden
Ingrid) - the result: a LOT of leaves on my gibbosums and VERY few
flowers :-(
Should perhaps rehome them to the serre with the sarcocaulon and other
fleshy and woody pellies and hope for some late bloom....
Update here in the sunny dry serre - x scandens is full of flowers (the
flashy deep vibrant red ones with the narrow petals AND sets seed -any
one any clues how this natural hybrid mendels out?) and short of leaf,
reliquifolium only decided to make leaves and carnosum has grown so huge
this summer that I think it forgot to make buds sofar. xerophyton mv
.... (forgot the number) just decided to stay one silly minature bonsai
wood piece with ten mini leaves on top...
Update on the terrace - everything flowers abundantly (except gibbosums)
and scents wonderfully.
Update on the back garden terrace - same, also counts for everything in
hanging baskets on the pergola
Update in the garden - capitatum has decided to enter the competition
for giant pellies - currently it is a huge plant around 80 high and 80
cm broad and I supsect it behaves this way to avoid being cut into
pieces in the autumn. Now I am seriously considering making it into a
conservatory plant for the winder and try to keep it growing in the
serre then... It is SOOO beautiful... The commercial grower visiting two
days ago commented that he just started making "tree shaped" plants out
of one of it's cultivars, the P. Pink Capricorn but was very happy with
cuttings of the real one as he saw that one perhaps is even better
suited as it grows much faster (the money he paid me BTW went to a
cat-charity to help fight a genetic problem in Persian cats called PKD).
Mimy Sluiter

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