Re: [IGS] late bloomers, P gibbosum

Hello Andrew,

Your P gibbosum with nary a leaf ( what an expression!!! I feel so sorry
for it!) should do well. I have been neglecting mine a bit, but it is a
toughie...and can take a lot of abuse. Believe it or not, it has been
sitting in a dry spot....about the only one I should add :-))
When I look after it ( I promise I will in the future) I usually water it
as one of the scenteds and it sits in 100% peat ( ugh!) least it
doesn't get preferential treatment. But be warned, it grows tall for
me...must be the peat :-)))

And I am quite envious of P sidoides..must add it to my 'wish' list!

All the best from a very rainy Sweden..yes, rain, yesterday was bright and
this morning the thermometer said ' 2.9 C'! Ouch...says Ingrid

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