Re: [IGS] membership problem


Sorry about the delay in your membership.  All the mail for IGS is routed to a
PO Box in Pasadena.  It is collected there, sorted into the various categories
(membership, back issues, requests for speakers, general questions, etc.) and
then forwarded to the different people who handle the different categories.
When you take into account the snail-mail lag time getting to the PO Box in
the first place, the pickup and sorting process, and then remailing the items
to the people who will handle the transaction, you're talking about some
serious downtime.

I am not the membership person, but I will contact her for you tomorrow
(Saturday) morning in case she did not receive your e-mail correspondence  and
act on it already.  If she confirms receipt of your check and that everything
is set for you to receive the next issue, I will send you an e-mail note to
that effect.  If there is any sort of snag, she will probably contact you

I'm not sure if there's any sort of system already in place to assist people
on the Robin when they have a question like this.  I'll inquire about that
tomorrow too and let you know what I learn.  If there's not, I could bring it
up at the next board meeting  and see if we could work something out.

Cindi Lohry

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