Re: [IGS] Hanson's Tinkerbelle (angel)


You forget that you're talking to the angeliac of Southern California!  You
know, the one who has the very bad habit of leaving out  a word or two while
typing out names.  I have got to break myself of that habit.

The plant I referred to as Tinkerbelle is actually called Hanson's
Tinkerbelle.  It's an angel (of course!) that came into being in the back yard
of Craig Hanson.  The story, as I have been told, is that Craig wanted to do
some hybridizing, but thought that God did a pretty good job of it without any
interference on Craig's part.  So ... Craig gathered up some of his plants and
took them to the back yard, way in the middle of a field, away from all his
other plants, and left them there to bloom and do what comes naturally to
plants in bloom surrounded by bees, breezes, etc.  He then collected the
seeds, grew them on, and waited to see what developed.

At least two plants that I know of came about:

Hanson's Innocence, which according to Robin Parer's catalog is a "P.
tricuspidatum Angel cross.  Straggly; flowers have a white background with
markings in upper petals."   Input from me:  This was one of the plants that
most people attending our show really liked.  The leaves are typical angel
sized leaves of medium green.  The white flowers are a little on the large
size, and all the petals are very rounded.  The two uppers are round like
Mickey Mouse ears while the three lowers are a little more oval in shape.  The
two uppers have some dark magenta/purple markings on them.  There are two
heavier vertical lines and two shorter lines coming in at about a 45 degree
angle from either side of the vertical lines.  And then a couple little stubby
lines at the base.  It  ends up looking like the framework to a fan, but it
only takes up the inner half of the upper petals and doesn't extend all the
way to the edges.  My plant tends to line its blooms up in a row, and it
looked for all the world like a moth orchid with long graceful stems of this
big rounded flowers.

Hanson's Tinkerbelle came about in the same fashion and  also has white blooms
on typical angel foliage.  The shape of the petals is more oval though and the
upper petals are much larger than the bottom three.  It has the same sort of
magenta/purple "fan" as Hanson's Innocence, but there is also an irregular
lighter magenta blotch that extends from near the base of the fan framework to
the top of the fan.  Again, the bottom three petals are pure white.  While
this plant doesn't line up its blooms for my enjoyment, I still like it a lot.

Between the two, Hanson's Tinkerbelle is harder to come by, at least at this
point in time.  I only know of three people who have the plant at this time,
and that's counting my own.

Cindi Lohry

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