Re: [IGS] membership problem fixed


I spoke with the membership person on Saturday, and she advised that your
application information has been received and a copy of the summer journal
will be sent this upcoming week.  Your name and address have been added to the
membership roster and a copy of the autumn journal will be sent to you by the
company IGS uses to handle the mailing of journals.  The autumn journal will
be turned over to the printer/publisher this week, so I would anticipate it
should be mailed out by the end of September at the latest.  I'm new to the
publication committee, so I'm not quite sure how long it takes to print the
journals and get them to the company that sorts them, addresses them and
actually mails them out.

As for Cy, while I haven't been in communication with him personally, I heard
that he was visiting in the San Diego area a week or so ago and was doing fine
at that time.  We're in the midst of a horribly hot spell, so I hope that he
(and all his plants) are in some nice airconditioned movie theater drinking
sodas with lots of ice!   Seriously, I imagine that he's just busy trying to
keep his plants alive in this wretched weather.  I double pot all my angels,
and when I lifted a plant out of the outer pot the other day to check on it,
the inner pot was so hot that I actually dropped it without ever thinking
about it.  You know ... brain screams "HOT POT!" and your fingers open and let
go before the brain kicks into gear again and screams "FALLING ANGEL --
FALLING ANGEL! and you frantically try to catch the pot before it hits the
pool deck.

Hope you enjoy the summer journal when it arrives, as well as the autumn
journal we're in the final stages of proofreading at this time.   If you ever
have any questions, or I can be of assistance in the future, please feel free
to e-mail me.

Cindi Lohry

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