[IGS] When to sow P&S

Greetings from Sweden!

I try to grow the South African Pelargonium from seed, and I am relatively
new at it, but FWIW;

You can really sow Wintergrowing species Pelargoniums in early Spring. What
happens is that they germinate, grow for a while and then go dormant. I
have sown in February with good results....for me the trouble is when I sow
them early in Autumn!
I sow in a sand/grit/vermiculite/leca mix.....leca is artificially expanded
clay which I crush....great substitute to lava which can be hard to get.
But the main problem is the damp and the temperatures. Pelargoniums,
especially these, like it on the cool and dry side...and it can be rather
damp in the propagators. Especially Sarcocaulons are affected. So, I think
it might even be an advantage to sow in Feb...March and especially April
are Spring months to me....depending on which area you are in of course!

Glad to hear from more Pelargonium enthusiasts,


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