Re: [IGS] Balcon "Geraniums"

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Gisela,

> 1. did I send you the geranium1.jpg and geranium2.jpg files?
> I have deleted my "sent files" and can't tell.  Am in the process of
> up my mailboxes since my computer has slowed down to a crawl (132
> messages still in the inbox!=stupid).
Yes I received the files the other day. they came through in excellent
condition. They were really impressive. Thank you. Those Austrian
balconies are really amazing aren't they? enjoyed seeing your flower
boxes also.
These newsgroups can certainly fill up the mailbox. I am tempted to sign
up for another but I really don't know if I can keep up with reading the
messages. I suppose even if someone only reads a few and has to delete
the others unread, they would still be ahead in learning from others
(they might even beable to sent a note in every once in a while that
would be helpful too). Maybe I will go ahead and sign up. hmmmm......

> 2.  where did you order the Balcon geraniums?  I called T&M Friday and
they did
> not have any in stock.  So I sent for the Wheeler Farms catalog pronto
Oh Oh! I didn't order mine yet <sigh> . I had put one order in at T&M
already. Received it the other day. They sent a long a list of seeds
from last years catalog that were being offered at 99cents a packet.
They included 5-6 zonal varieties (most were somewhat common) but one
was called 'Softly Softly' . I threw away my old catalog so I'm
wondering just what that one was. I guess if I want Balcons this year I
should get that Wheeler Farms catalog myself.

> Here is the translation:  Dear Mr. Clyderock, have you had an
opportunity to
> get to know Mr. Matthias Thomsen-Stork of the German Perennials
Society--and as
> of late--of the American Hemerocallis Society's Robin-on-the-Net?

Ahhh... Thanks. I knew Clyde had a strong interest in Hostas. After
hearing that there was a Robin for the AHS, I was thinking of signing up
for that (the one I was considering earlier in the message). Do You
write in German often <G>?

Thanks for the explaination of the OASIS technique. Just on first
reading, I imagine it would work better for seed germination that
getting rooted cuttings. Do you than just cut the area out of the block
where the roots have formed and pot it up (Oasis and all)? It would be
more sterile and probably alot easier to handle I suppose.

Next fall I am going to try that paper bag method on some extras I will
have. I'm not brave enough to try it on my specimen plants yet.

Thanks for the reply. Hope all is going well in Ohio even though the
GroundHog out your way has seen its shadow <G>. It is sunny and in the
30's here with a promise of more sun in the near future. My plants in
the South windows are basking in it but are drying out with an
increasing rate.

Dale (on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi in Illinois)

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