[IGS] Letter from OZ

Dear Dale,
Thanks for your message.  Now that I know where you live I can mark you in
on my map.
It was good to learn about the different climate zones.  You really do have
a hard time of it (at least your geraniums do) with all that cold.  The
coldest I’ve ever been was -3C in my mother’s city of Aberdeen (Scotland),
and that was cold enough for me.  In our very coldest weather (in Perth on
the coastal strip)  the lowest min temp would be 3C.
The ants seem to be gone, but I am still repotting lots of affected plants.
Haven’t had time to try the garlic yet.   Compost tea spray?? what do you
We are still on ‘Extreme’ fire alert.  They announce this over the air each
morning, but what can you do except be careful. Unfortunately we have a few
fire bugs around who delight in starting fires.  One was actually caught
and found to be employed as a fire fighter!
I had  Gisela send the Balcon file,  but haven’t been able to access it
yet, we’re fairly new at this business.
I take a lot of photos of my flowers. Always have one printed in our W.A.
Gardener  (every 2nd month) Our Ger. Soc . President,  Maysie Parke writes
an article and I supply the photo.  Made it on to the cover last month.  It
would be great to be able to send some pictures over the Robin.  Is this
possible?    I am told it would have to be sent as an attachment.
I have a scanner by the way, but I guess people would have to have the
right gear to receive it.   Any advice?
My plants are looking rather sad in this hot weather 34C - 43C max.  I have
even got a big fan in the big geranium house. I think it does help the poor
We have been away last weekend ‘gyro-coptering’ in the country,  so I am a
bit behind with the ‘geranium’ chores.
I have been growing G maderense for a couple of years.  It doesn’t like the
heat, even though it is under shade.  It seems to need planting out, but
even then isn’t happy in our heat.  I thought Madeira should be a similar
climate to here.  It seems to grow very well in Victoria on the  other side
of Australia ,but lower down.
     ‘bye for now
           Joan Steele
                  in OZ

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