Re: [IGS] and images as attached files.

To Joan Steele (re your message to Dale):

In the AHS Daylily-Robin-on-the-Net, we have formed an "images" subgroup.
It means that all those with interest and computer capability can sign up
for it.

That is also the reason I asked who wanted to receive the Balcon geranium
images.  Not everyone's computer can open the files.  Some computers also
don't have the speed required for efficient downloading.

I just stumpled into the hi-tech hightway pothole again when I sent a
singing Christmas card to a friend who is teaching at Africa Univ. in
Mutare, Zimbabwe.  Not only is his computer not up to it, but he must use a
long distance number to get access to his provider..........which is no
problem at 35cents a minute with AT&T here, but it is expensive there.

Gisela Meckstroth, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

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